Cancer? How to Deal With It.

I Have Cancer? Now What?

You just learned that you or a loved one has cancer. This can be overwhelming. Knowing what to expect can help you cope better. Here are some tips to help you.505891629

Ask Questions:

Make sure you ask your doctor detailed questions about the type of cancer you have: What stage? Has it spread? What type of tests and treatments will I need? How serious is my cancer? Will I need surgery? What are my chances of survival? Find out a much as you can to ease your mind and make proper decisions.

Dealing with Your Emotions:

Cancer diagnosis and treatment affects both your physical and emotional health. Your feelings may be more intense and may change often. You may feel overwhelmed, experience denial, anger, and fear, may feel sad, depressed, guilty, or lonely. All these feelings are normal, but everyone’s experience is different.

Learn How to Cope:

Dealing with your cancer treatment and taking charge of your life are important to overcoming fear, building hope, and getting well.

Express Your Feelings:

Sharing feelings of anger or sadness often helps you let go of them. Talking to friends, family, or a counselor can be helpful.

Look for the Positive:

Focus your energy on wellness and staying healthy. Look for the good even within a bad situation.

Don’t Blame Yourself:

Cancer can happen to anyone and is a disease. Don’t blame yourself for something you did or did not do.

Don’t Try to Be Upbeat If You’re Not:

It’s okay to give in to your feelings sometimes. There’s nothing wrong with having a “bad cancer day.”

Learn How and When to Talk About Cancer:

Talking about cancer is difficult. People often don’t know what to say. You should set the tone of how and when to discuss your cancer.

Find Ways to Relax:

Enjoy activities that help you unwind and stay active.

Be as Active as You Can:

Do something active every day, get out of the house, exercise, keep moving.

Control What You Can:

Being involved and present gives order to our lives and eases fears.

Have Hope:

There are many reasons to feel hopeful. Millions of people who have had cancer are alive today. Your chances of living with cancer—and living beyond it—are better now than they have ever been before. And people with cancer can lead active lives, even during treatment. Hope may help your body deal with cancer—and a positive attitude may help you feel better.

How Does Weeks Help Cancer Patients?

You can receive oncology care at many places, but the care provided at Wekks is the best of both worlds—local, small, and personal, but with the expertise of physicians from Dartmouth-Hitchcock. We know what matters—making the most of the moments we have. We try to share it with all the folks that come through our doors. There is laughter, there are tears, there is honesty, warmth, and compassion. There is love. In the realm of living and dying we get to use words like “love” and talk about things that really matter.

As for treatment, we take an aggressive and comprehensive care approach customized to each patient. Our nurses are specially trained in chemotherapy, biotherapy, and hormone therapy. We provide treatment to make patients feel more comfortable. We also offer the latest technology, including onsite PET/CT scanning, which helps us better determine the spread of cancer and assess the effectiveness of a treatment plan. Because of all of this, we offer higher rates of healing and survival.

For questions about cancer care, call 603-788-5045 for more information.

by Stephanie LaRoza, Oncology Registered Nurse