Cancer & Oncology: Local & Very Personal Care

Cancer and Oncology: Local and Personal Care


A cancer diagnosis is never easy. It’s also unique for each person. The oncology team at Weeks Medical Center acknowledges and supports these facts.

What makes oncology care at Weeks unique?

We have great respect and regard for our patients. Grappling with cancer is one of more difficult situations a person can experience. Knowing that you can receive the best possible care close to home is what makes oncology care at Weeks so valuable. You can receive oncology care at many places, but the care we provide at Weeks is the best of both worlds—local, small, and personal, but with the expertise of physicians from Dartmouth-Hitchcock.

Working in oncology, we learn what matters—making the most of the moments we have. We try to live that way and share it with all the folks that come through our doors. We are all just human beings here, sitting in different chairs. There is laughter, there are tears, there is honesty, warmth, and compassion. There is love. In the realm of living and dying we get to use words like “love” and talk about things that really matter.

Medicine is so much more than what can be written on a prescription pad. In our little corner of the world here, we are truly blessed to have the time and space to give good medicine. But we also know your name. We answer the phone when you call.  We call our patients at home after treatment to check on them. We do our best to help you figure it out. We listen. But we have the same drugs and techniques that the big hospitals do.

How do you talk to people about cancer amid the fear?

Our job is to be steady and present in the face of fear and help people move through it. We tell our patients that the journey may be hard, but it does not have to be a tragedy. We encourage people to embrace a deeper and richer life and find out how cancer and treatment fit into their life journey. For many of us, a cancer diagnosis startles us awake and provides us with an opportunity for self exploration. Our essential mission here is to support and encourage the life in each of us.

What is treatment like at Weeks?

We take a comprehensive care management approach to treatment customized to each patient. Our nurses are specially trained in chemotherapy, biotherapy, and hormone therapy. We provide infusion treatment in a lounge setting to make patients feel more comfortable. We also offer the latest technology, including onsite PET/CT scanning, which helps us better determine the spread of cancer and assess the effectiveness of a treatment plan. We aim for healing and survival.

Treatment is more than a medical procedure. We recommend that patients explore all health options and encourage tools for healthier living, from eating a better diet and exercising to exploring ways that give patients more insight and strength. We help our patients make choices that will resonate with their lives. We urge patients to know themselves and seek counseling if needed.

There’s no complacency here. We love our work helping people and caring for our community.

For more information or to make an appointment, please call 603-788-5095.

by Robin Grubby, RN, Oncology Registered Nurse