Patient Portal & Healow App Improve Wellness

Patient Portal & Healow App Improve Wellness

What is the patient portal?

The Weeks patient portal is designed to give you access to your healthcare information, all in one place, with 24-hour availability in a safe, personal, easy-to-use online environment. You can view your medical information from anywhere you login to the internet, including your computer, tablet, and smartphone. The portal allows you to take charge of your healthcare like never before.

Why should I sign up for the patient portal?

Our portal and app are designed to boost your involvement in your own care and contribute to your overall wellness. They encourage viewing test results and health documentation and can facilitate an ongoing doctor-patient dialog. They also can save you time and help reduce the cost of healthcare. The portal also allows our hospital and providers to be more efficient and focus more on our patients.

What is the goal of the patient portal?

A goal of the online portal and healow app is improving the quality of patient care and strengthening preventive care services. They are designed to engage you in your health and healthcare scheduling and decisions. They also allow you to access family members’ health information if you help manage their care. The portal also offers self-service options that can eliminate phone tag with your doctor and sometimes even save a trip to the doctor’s office.

What medical information can I access on the portal?

You can view information such as recent doctor visits, discharge summaries, medications list, immunizations, allergies, lab results, and educational materials. The portal also lets you exchange secure email with your health care providers, request prescription refills, schedule non-urgent appointments, check benefits and coverage, and update contact information. You can also print all your information

How does the portal work?

Using the portal is easy. You must first register your email address with your physician’s office or the hospital registrar. You will be emailed a temporary password to login. Separate portal logins are required for accessing information from the physician offices and for hospital stays. Once you establish your account, you can access your information and communicate with Weeks staff from any device (computer, tablet, and phone) at any time.

What is the healow app?

The healow app (health and online wellness) gives you access to the patient portal on smartphones and tablets. The free app allows you to access your healthcare information from anywhere. You can also link multiple accounts if you manage the information of family members. The app lets you manage your medications, communicate with your doctor, and view lab results. It can also remind you about appointments, help you renew prescriptions, and let you record health information. You can also receive interactive health alerts and messages from your doctor.

Is my medical information secure on the portal and the app?

Weeks is committed to the privacy and security concerns of portal users. The portal and app comply with all protected health information requirements of federal HIPPA regulations, guaranteeing that your information is private, secure, and protected. Although the portal uses safeguards, always protect your username and password and make sure to login only from a trusted source.

How do I sign up for the patient portal and healow app?

If you receive medical services from Weeks Medical Center at any location, you may request access to the patient portal. Simply register your email address by contacting your physician’s office. Once registered, you can download the free healow app from the App store or from Google Play.

By Glenn Adams, DO

Glenn Adams is a doctor of osteopathic medicine practicing primary care family medicine in the Groveton Physicians Office.