Rehab: Enhance the Quality of Life

What’s New with Rehab?

Helping People Lead Independent, Active, and Satisfying Lives

Rehabilitation, or rehab, is care to help you improve your daily life. You may need rehab to get back on track due to a disease or injury. But rehab is so much more. Rehab services today are designed to enhance the quality of life at home, school, and work— and keep it that way. 

Why is rehab important? Rehab is the key to getting back to functioning where you can enjoy your life and perform everyday tasks at home or at work. These functions may be physical or mental or involve thinking or learning. After certain illnesses, you’re unlikely to reach your full potential without some sort of proper rehab training. Rehab is like going to back to school. You learn new information or relearn information to help you achieve certain goals. 

Who needs rehab? You may need rehab if you lost abilities or daily function due to illness, accident, stroke, infection, surgery, chronic pain, or side effects from medical treatments. Rehab services differ for each person and depend on what caused your specific problem, what function is lost, and how severe the problem is. 

What type of rehab services does Weeks offer? 

  • Physical therapy helps regain strength, mobility, fitness, independence and promotes well-being and relieves pain. 
  • Occupational therapy helps with daily activities, work-related injuries, limitations following a stroke or heart attack, arthritis problems, and other chronic conditions. 
  • Speech therapy helps with speaking, understanding, reading, writing, and swallowing 
  • Cardiac rehab is a six-week program combining exercise and education after heart attack, bypass surgery, and other cardiac-related issues. 
  • COPD rehab assists with breathing problems and chronic lung disease to improve breathing and quality of life. 

What specialty services does Weeks offer? 

  • Home Safety Evaluations: Older people living on their own often require some adaptive equipment or environmental changes to ensure that they are safe and independent. An occupational therapist visits the home to assess it for safety and also instructs on fall prevention and education. 
  • Matter of Balance: The Matter of Balance program is designed to reduce the fear of falling and increase activity levels of older adults who have concerns about falling. The program teaches how to control and reduce the risk for falls, set goals for increasing activity, and promotes strength, flexibility, and balance. The program is open to anyone age 60 or older. 
  • Lymphedema Management: This specialty therapy provides edema control and management for certain conditions. Our certified lymphedema specialists offer education and treatment to help patients manage this swelling and become more independent in daily activities. 
  • Skilled Nursing: If a patient requires a special stay in the hospital in order to get home safely, Weeks provides rehab therapy up to 7 days per week. Our goal is to work with patients in the hospital so they can be discharged home with family support and/or home health services. 
  • Sports Medicine: Our new BioDex Balance System provides baseline concussion evaluations and treatment for athletes and others. The system can also be used with any patient who might have challenges with balance, a history of falling, or recovering from a concussion or orthopedic injury. 

How many rehab therapists work at Weeks? We have four occupational therapists, one who is a certified hand therapist; four physical therapists, one who is an athletic trainer and two who are certified in lymphedema management; and an exercise physiologist who leads our cardiac rehab program. 

For more information on rehab services at Weeks or to schedule an appointment, please call 603-788-5009. 

by Scott Baxter, MA, MSOT/L, Rehab Services Manager