Wound Care: Treatment Gets You Back on Your Feet

“Amazing” Treatment Puts Patricia McPherson Back on Her Feet

Patricia McPherson didn’t have two good feet to stand on. Ulcers on the bottom of her feet made walking painful and increasingly difficult for the nursing home worker from Lunenburg, Vermont. She was frustrated and worried about her future. Today her life is back on track due to the care she received from Weeks Medical Center and its Wound Healing Center.

McPherson was desperate for advice about the wounds on her feet. She sought out assistance from a Weeks-affiliated doctor who worked with her at the nursing home. After looking at the poor condition of her feet, the doctor made an appointment for her at the Weeks Wound Healing Center.

“From my first visit to Weeks I felt like I was being taken care of,” McPherson says. “The providers at the Wound Healing Center couldn’t believe I was walking, my feet were so bad. Dr. Hal Goolman took the time to examine me and began a series of treatments, including an outpatient surgical procedure, to help me heal. Overall, the wound team members at Weeks were amazing. They were friendly and caring and took my condition seriously. My healing process was wonderful. I went to the center two to three times a week for care and you could see (and I could feel) the difference after each visit. Within three months, my feet were healed.”

The Wound Healing Center at Weeks Medical Center offers comprehensive care and treatment for all types of non-healing chronic wounds. The center is committed to advancing wound healing through prevention and expert care. It is the only wound center in the North Country.

“I swear by the place,” McPherson says of the Wound Healing Center at Weeks Medical Center. “The people at Weeks changed my life. If you have something wrong and require care, they will help you.”

To schedule an appointment or to find out more about the Wound Healing Center at Weeks Medical Center, please call 603-788-5625 or click here.