Northwoods Center for Continuing Education (NCCE)

The Northwoods Center for Continuing Education (NCCE) is an American Heart Association (AHA) Affiliated Cardiac Life Support Training Center located in northern New Hampshire. We are located at Weeks’ Whitefield Physician and Conference Center facility in Whitefield, NH. We serve the educational and training needs of area hospitals, EMS services, and other healthcare institutions in the northern regions of New Hampshire and Vermont.

The Center offers AHA courses, RN development courses, NCH specific MOAB courses and LPN IV skills classes. Our courses are enhanced by utilization of the three advanced computer-based medical simulation models. (Medical simulation is a training and feedback method in which medical professionals practice tasks and processes in life-like circumstances). These simulators are used to teach new skills or procedures and to test competencies to improve quality of care and reduce errors. Our teaching teams consist of physicians, registered nurses and paramedics.

Northwoods Center for Continuing Education is helping you to prepare today, for the emergencies of tomorrow!

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Northwoods Center for Continuing Education
8 Clover Lane, P.O. Box 240
Whitefield, NH 03598



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