A Letter of Thanks to Weeks Medical Center

February 4, 2019

Dear Mr. Lee:Letter from Janet E. Bye

There is no doubt in my mind that God’s will was done on the morning of January 12, 2019. You see at 6:30 a.m., I received a call from my “baby sister,” Helen Ann Andolina, asking me to pick her up and bring her back home to Colebrook. Helen had been down in the Wakefield area enjoying post-holiday time with our older sister and myself. Helen had been battling Stage 4 Stomach Cancer for over a year and wanted to go back home to Colebrook to receive a hydration treatment. Immediately, I got up to fulfill her request and our final journey began.

On the way to Colebrook, just over the Whitefield line, Helen had a seizure in the back seat of my car. I knew there was no way I could get her to Colebrook. I remember bringing her to Weeks for hydration earlier last summer and knew that Weeks would now become our new destination.

Upon arriving at weeks, Dr. Ralph Broadwater and the ENTIRE staff took Helen and our family under their wings. From the initial treatment Helen received in the Emergency Department right straight through the all-night vigil held in Room 217 the staff was with us and treated us like their family. The overnight nurse, Danielle, was an angel. She stayed right on top of everything and made certain EVERYONE was taken care of. The large hospice room enabled many of Helen’s family and closest of friends to be together without fear of worrying about how many people were in the room or how long they stayed. This is something seldom ever heard of in a hospital. God knew what Helen needed and He provided.

There are no words that can relay how very thankful and grateful we are to Weeks Medical. The North Country is blessed to have such a facility and such a staff. Losing Helen will leave a deep emptiness in the lives of many. But, having the memories of the opportunity to be with her in her final hours in such a facility with such a caring atmosphere will remain a blessing throughout our lives.

Most sincerely,

Janet E. Bye