Celebrating 40+ Years of Service

Celebrating 40+ Years of Service

September 10th, 2015

40YEARS TEAM IMG_7110Employees Recognized for 40+ Years of Service

Weeks Medical Center Honors 10 Employees for Loyal Service

From left to right: Patricia Rogers, Fran LaDuke, Diana Kenison, Mona Riendeau, John MacKillop, Renee Hutchinson, Lois Canton, Denise Brisson, Linda Reichert, Carrie Ingerson.

Weeks Medical Center recently honored 10 employees for their more than 40 years of loyal service to the hospital. A celebration three-course luncheon was held to thank the special staff members.

The event, hosted by Weeks chief executive officer Scott Howe, had a resounding theme: Weeks is family. Honorees include: Denise Brisson (41 years), Lois Canton (42 years), Renee Hutchinson (44 years), Carrie Ingerson (41 years), Diana Kenison (43 years), Fran LaDuke (43 years), John MacKillop (42 years), Linda Reichert (43 years), Mona Riendeau (50 years), and Pat Rogers (44 years).

“Weeks to me is like a second home,” said Carrie Ingerson, patients accounts manager. “Everyone we work with is very nice. You’re with them a good part of your life. I’m so thankful for my job at Weeks and that I enjoy the work and the people. This is a good place.”

Cardiac rehab registered nurse Diana Kenison thinks of Weeks as a good marriage. “There have been good times and bad times,” Kenison said. “Those experiences have made both me and the hospital stronger. I met my best friend and future mother-in-law here. My children were born here. I lost a son here. Weeks is very much a part of who I am. I love my job, I love my patients, and I love my hospital.”

John MacKillop currently works in construction and special projects at Weeks. “When I first started here I didn’t know a Band-Aid from gauze, but it didn’t matter because everyone helped you out. Weeks has given all of us an opportunity to grow. I wonder if I would have had the same opportunities anywhere else. Weeks is being part of a family and means a lot to me. Back in 2008 when I was dealing with some health issues, I got to know first-hand how good the people at Weeks are. And they are good.”

Mona Riendeau will become Weeks longest-term employee in October. The medical technologist will celebrate 50 years at hospital. “Weeks is family to me. It’s just like coming home,” Riendeau says. “I think I’ll stick around for another year, maybe two. It’s home to me.”

Lois Canton, a patients account biller, started working at Weeks when she was 16 years old making $1.30 per hour. “Weeks is different today than when I started, yet it is a very important part of my life. I had my kids here. It has been a very good 42 years,” said Canton, who plans to retire in December.

“I’ve worked here for 44 years,” said Renee Hutchinson, of the information services department. “Weeks is very dear to me.” Close behind at 41 years of service, Surgical Services Manager Denise Brisson said “Weeks is family to me. My family has grown up around Weeks. It means a lot to us. It is all family. It is the place to be.“

In toasting the honorees, Weeks CEO Scott Howe said: “Everything we do at Weeks starts with our people. Our dedicated staff works hard to provide our community with skilled care in an atmosphere of teamwork, collaboration, and respect. I celebrate and congratulate this amazing group of individuals for their dedicated service. They are examples of why Weeks serves such an important place in the community and continues to be an excellent place to work.“

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