Compassion & Care at Weeks Moves “Mountains”

Compassion & Care at Weeks Moves “Mountains”Dr. Jeffrey Johnson & Dr. Mederic Leblanc

A Message of Love & Gratitude to Drs. Mederic Leblanc and Jeffrey Johnson

Four weeks ago we were treated by both of you at Weeks Medical Center. We were visiting New Hampshire celebrating our twin grandchildren’s second birthday and had a serious accident involving an 18 wheeler.

You both went above and beyond with incredible care for my wife, daughter, and I that moved us all to tears. Not just the great medical care but the compassion you show us all. You gave us the reassurance that we would all be well again. The checking in on us, the “tuck-in” at bedtime,” the follow up call at home. All these things a big city hospital may have never showed us.

Your “gifts” of time and talent show in every way—the way you offer compassion moves “mountains” in my book. Thank you is not enough. Remember us and our love and gratitude. —Michael, Bernadette, and Alyssa, the Mariano Family.