Construction Update at Lancaster Patient Care Center

Construction Update at Lancaster Patient Care Center, June 13, 2019Main Stairway at Lancaster Patient Care Center

As Walls Unlimited sand out the dry wall mud on the 1st floor, Hick’s Painting of Whitefield is applying primer to the finished walls. Hicks Painting was awarded the painting of the Lancaster Patient Care Center project. Daniel Hebert Inc is immediately behind them installing door jambs in the primed rooms.  There are approximately 184 doors in this building, thus the reason to keep up with the dry wall installers and painters.

Wilco Direct is installing steel for the main stairway between the building’s three floors.  Once completed, RG Gosslin will be back on site to pour concrete in the stair tread pans.

The majority of the duct work has been installed in the building.  Room air diffusers and connections to the main distribution ducts will be completed once the ceiling grids are in place.

The heating system pumps, heat exchangers, and miscellaneous parts continue to be shipped to the site. The heat exchangers will de-couple the biomass system from the LPCC building heating system. Heat will be transferred to the secondary side of the heat exchanger where the LPCC circulating pumps  will circulate hot water throughout the LPCC for space heat and domestic hot water.

A new underground electrical feed is being installed to the existing Storage Building to replace an overhead electrical wire.  The existing electrical wire was too low to safely continue site work where a new 90 car parking lot is being built.


Main Stairway at Lancaster Patient Care Center


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