Lancaster Patient Care Center Construction Update June 21, 2019

Lancaster Patient Care Center Construction Update June 21, 2019

The building’s main stairway steel has been installed and the stair tread pans have been filled with concrete.  Walls, handrails, glass, and tread covers all need to be installed to complete, to call them completed. All the concrete has been supplied for this project by Carroll Concrete.

Drywall is still being hung and seams being taped. Painting is moving along well on the first level. Hicks Painting paint sprayer and staff does an awesome job painting the walls, leaving minimal paint over spray in the building. Providing great results!

The main electrical distribution panels have been hung and Daniels Electric is pulling wire to connect everything that they wired in the building.  Daniel Hebert’s crew is putting the boilers together, installing medical gas lines and outlets and setting pump sets on their pads. Door jambs are being installed as quickly as the rooms are being painted.

Whipple Masonry has laid the first 8,000 bricks on the connector corridor, with several thousand more ahead.  Whipple’s crew should have a deep tan by the end of the summer. They are doing a professional looking job.

Why is the second floor window covered with plywood?  Walls Unlimited needs an opening large enough to allow lifts of drywall to be loaded into the building.