Video: Lancaster Patient Care Center Construction Update

Lancaster Patient Care Center Construction Update December 3, 2018

Gosslin Concrete has poured another tall section of the building foundation wall. The lower frost wall is all there is left on the foundation walls. AB Excavation has built a bridge to access the building. This was installed to protect the concrete footings from equipment entering and leaving the building basement. AB also has excavated the dirt for the corridor connector, jack hammered concrete from the Orthopedics’ entrance, and moved a storm drain allowing Gosslin to place forms and pour concrete footers for the corridor foundation.

AB Excavation has begun backfiling the foundation walls. The site looks like a building is being constructed after a long session of looking at a hole in the ground. The concrete work will be completed by December 10, 2018, and the steel erection will begin on the 17th. The steel workers are planning to work 7 days a week to allow time off over the holidays. All concrete has to set for seven days to cure to its designed strength.

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