Medicare Open Enrollment Is Here: Take Action Today

5 Things to Do During Open Enrollment

We get it, you’ve got plenty of things on your “to-do” list already. But if you haven’t already added these 5 items to your list, you’ll want to do so now. Why? So you can get the best health care plan that fits your needs and budget.

5 things to do during this year’s Medicare Open Enrollment Period:

  1. Review your plan notice you received in the mail.
  2. Consider what services and benefits you’re likely to use in the coming year —  have your health care needs changed?
  3. Learn which coverage options are important to you.
  4. Compare estimated out-of-pocket costs — see an average of how much you may pay depending on your coverage choices.
  5. Shop for plans that best fit your needs and budget — the lowest-cost health plan might not be the best choice for you.

Now’s your chance to review your coverage and see if you need to make any changes for next year. Cross these 5 items off of your “to-do” list before Medicare Open Enrollment ends on December 7!