Video: Lancaster Patient Care Center Construction Update April 12, 2019

Lancaster Patient Care Construction Update April 12, 2019

This week has been pretty much a continuation of the work that has been on going the past couple of weeks. Crews have moved to the 2nd floor installing framing and some plumbing. Plumbers and electricians are focused on the Ground and 1st floor right now. Some sheet rock is being hung on one side of the walls, leaving access for inspectors to inspect work that would be in the wall cavity when completed. They continue to install duct work and temperature control VAV units. Insulators continue to cover pipes with insulation. Fire caulking is be added around any floor penetrations or fire rated room. Rooms are being prepped with wall blocking to allow a secure area to hang items to the walls.

The NW stairway landings and steps were filled with concrete today by way of a bucket brigade. The concrete will cure over the weekend and be usable next week. Next week the connector corridor floor will be poured. This week a vapor barrier, insulation and reinforcement wire were installed in preparation of next week’s pour.

If you haven’t driven up Hospital Road lately, it will be a surprise to see the South side siding is begin installed on the building. It looks good.

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