Video: Lancaster Patient Care Center Construction Update April 29, 2019

Lancaster Patient Care Center Construction Update April 29, 2019

Our rooftop air handlers were delivered and set in place this week. Classen Crane Services located in Vermont lifted the units to the roof as Dan Hebert Inc. coordinated the placement on the roof curbs. These are Trane Intel pack air handlers incorporating a variable speed compressor to reduce energy consumption. There are a total of three units, one for each floor of the building located on the roof of the building.

Walls Unlimited installed the framing and sheathing on the connector corridor this week. AB Excavation is excavating a ditch to install storm drains and piping on the East side of the LPCC. Of course they encountered more ledge during the excavation process. Commonwealth Construction continued to install more siding. McGee Plumbing continued to work through the building plumbing water and sewer lines. Daniels Electric has installed thousands of feet of wiring in the building and still has more to install. Hi Tech insulation is insulating pipes and ductwork as it is being installed. Capitol Fire Protection is busy installing sprinkler piping.

Next week the fire stopping on the 1st level will be inspected by Vericon to ensure everything has been done to code. Fire stopping is installed around all penetrations between each floor. This includes, ductwork, water/sewer lines and conduits to provide a fire rated assembly to reduce the spread of fire if there were one.

You can see some of the new siding that has been installed as well.

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