Video: Lancaster Patient Care Center Construction Update April 5, 2019

Lancaster Patient Care Center Construction Update April 5, 2019

The ground and 1st floor framing are in place. Walls Unlimited has moved to the 2nd floor to install the framing on this floor. They continue to install sheet rock above the finished ceiling on the Ground and 1st floor.

Daniels Electric has wiring and wall boxes throughout the ground and 1st floor. A building of this size requires many electrical circuits to support all the services within the building.

McGee Plumbing has all the 1st floor drainage installed and tested. Some of the domestic water lines have been tested, but there are many still to be completed and tested. They continue to work on the ground floor at the same time. Hi-Tech insulation has begun insulating the domestic water piping that they can. They won’t be able to insulate the entire pipe run until all the piping has been tested.

Dan Hebert Inc. has been installing blocking in the walls to allow a secure surface to hang all our wall mounted items. They located a pre-manufactured blocking that installs rather quickly. The old way would require multiple saw cuts on each piece of block to fit around the studs. A good time saver!

Capitol Fire Protection has started installing the sprinkler system in the building. Wilco Direct continues to install duct work on the 1st floor.

Wilco is fabricating the main stairway in its Littleton shop. Common Wealth Construction has begun the starter strip on the building to begin installing the Hardy Board siding. They continue to work on installing nailing boards over the sheathing to secure the siding onto.

Next week framing will continue on the 2nd floor and above the finished wall sheet rock will be installed. Plumbing and electrical contractors will continue more of the same on all levels. RG Gosselin will be in to pour concrete for the connector corridor floor. Exterior siding will be installed. As the grounds continue to thaw Dan Hebert Inc. will be cleaning up the job site that has been covered with snow for several months.

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