Video: Lancaster Patient Care Center Construction Update January 15, 2019

Lancaster Patient Care Center Construction Update January 15, 2019

The pouring of the first level concrete is now scheduled for Tuesday next week. Portable heaters have been set up to keep the underside of the floor warm for the pour and to provide a comfortable environment for the contractors to work in.

The foundation backfilling with gravel did go well. A good portion of the ground floor sewer piping has been installed and inspected by the NH State Plumbing inspector. They will be continuing to work on the below slab plumbing next week.

The electricians completed coring holes in the foundation to finish the installation of power and data conduits into the building. Once the plastic was installed on the walls to enclose the ground floor temporary lights had to be installed. The studding crews have installed wall tracking and some studding on the exterior walls and will continue to work on this next week and beyond. The small structural steel crew has made good progress.

Work is being prepped to connect the biomass to the new center. Once this is completed, we will provide temporary heat for the building with the biomass plant. Wilco Direct is currently fabricating stairs to be installed at each level of the building, which will improve work efficiency and provide a safer work site. They have also begun fabricating the building HVAC duct work.

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