Video: Lancaster Patient Care Center Construction Update May 28, 2019

Lancaster Patient Care Center Construction Update May 28, 2019

From the outside, you will see more siding in place and.bricks are being laid on the connector corridor wall linking the hospital and the new center. Also a new picture window is in place on the second floor.

On the inside, the connector corridor rough-ins for electrical, ductwork, and plumbing are in place. A store front window in the hospital lobby was removed and repurposed in the connector. This allowed the contractors to continue work in the corridor. The plan was to remove the window and reuse, allowing an entrance from the hospital to the connector corridor.

All the windows on the hospital side have been covered with enough sheet rock to provide a 3-hour rated assembly between the hospital and the LPCC during construction.

Sheet rock on the 1st floor is probably 50 percent hung, with some taped and mudded. Tons of sheet rock is being installed in the building. All the variable air volume boxes (VAV) have been installed on the 1st floor. There are only a few VAV’s left to install on the ground floor.

Trane has hired a subcontractor to install the control wiring in the building to operate the building automation system (BAS). There will be limited control wiring installed, as all the thermostats will be wireless.

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