Video: Lancaster Patient Care Center Update December 18, 2018

Lancaster Patient Care Center Construction Update December 18, 2018

Gosselin Concrete has two small pours this week and they’ll be done until the building floors are ready to be poured. Bouchard Steel is making good progress installing the steel and floor pans. They are still looking to be completed by Christmas to enjoy time with their families. Preparations are being made to keep the work flow moving forward. Stairs are being designed and fabricated by Wilco Direct. McGee Plumbing will soon be starting the ground floor in piping so the concrete slab can be poured. Duct work is being fabricated to be installed once the word is given to go. The building outside wall panels are be fabricated to speed up the installation time on site. Fire hydrants and piping needs to be installed in front of the LPCC before back filling can be completed. Coring of holes in the building foundation for utilities; water, sewer, oxygen, heating lines and electrical conduits are scheduled to be completed by the January. The number of contractors on site will increase dramatically the first of the new year. The building sewer line installation is scheduled to be installed Wednesday and Thursday, 19th and 20th.

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