Video: Lancaster Patient Care Update February 2, 2019

Lancaster Patient Care Center Construction Update February 2, 2019

The operative word for the day is “cold.” It’s -13F and AB Excavation and DHI are in the process of back filling the center’s connector corridor foundation. Backfilling this area during a busy weekday would present a safety issue for patients and staff. Trucks will need to have access to the side of the hospital entrance to complete this task. Ground heaters have been in place most of the week to ensure that the ground is unthawed before fill is put in place.

McGee Plumbing has installed all of the below grade pumping and it has been tested and inspected by the NH state plumbing inspector. AB Excavation then was able to install backfill to the finished grade. Next week RG Gosselin has scheduled a concrete pour in one section of the ground level floor.

Wall Unlimited has been steadily installing wall framing each day, regardless of weather conditions. The ground level is completed with the exception of an area on the south wall where equipment and concrete pumper trucks still require access. The first level studs are complete and the second level is nearly complete. The next phase will be to prep the window openings and sheath the wall studs.

The domestic water, heating, and oxygen lines have been installed into the new building and pressure tested. The heating lines are now being fabricated and installed in the biomass building and will be connected to the biomass heating system in a couple of weeks. RG Gosselin is preparing the second level floor to complete the first pour on this level this week.

Daniels Electric will be in this week to install conduit for floor mounted electrical and data before pouring the floor concrete. Once the first section of the ground floor is poured they will begin installing the electrical switchgear in the electrical room.

DG Roofing is scheduled to begin installing the membrane roofing the middle of February once all approvals have been completed.

With floors poured, walls installed, and a roof in place, it will then become really busy inside the new Lancaster Patient Care Center building. Interior walls will be put in place, insulation, ductwork, wiring, and plumbing will to take over this phase of the construction.

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