Weeks Relay for Life Team Raises $4,000

Congratulations to the Weeks Relay for Life Team

The Weeks Medical Center Relay for Life team participated in the June 24-25th relay event held at the Lancaster Fairgrounds. The team’s fundraising efforts have raised $4,000 for the American Cancer Society. Money raised is used for research, advocacy programs, specialized summer camps for pediatric patients, and so much more. The fight against cancer is ongoing and we are proud of our team. This year’s event was made up of 20 teams who raised nearly $50,000.

Pictured left to right: Joyce Ball, Heidi Brooks, Payton Labbe (toddler in front), Megan Caron, Heather Caouette, Casey Dowland, Cody Brooks, Brandon Laundry, Anita Newell, Teresa Cote, Cara Colby, Scott Newell, and Michelle Brault.

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