Latest imaging technology operated by experienced technicians

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Weeks Medical Center has radiographic equipment that is state-of-the-art technology (MRI, CT scan, Nuclear Medicine, PET) which can perform a wide range of exams – from imaging the skeletal system to imaging the digestive and urinary tracts and reproductive organs.

Read about the new Fuji Apsire HD Mammography System!

Weeks provides digital transmission to other facilities reliably and securely and 24 hour radiology services for the Emergency Department with fast (almost immediate) results and diagnostic readings.

Magnetic Resonance Imaging (MRI)

Weeks is able to offer onsite the Phillips Intera 1.5T, full body, 6 channel system MRI Scanner. The scanner allows for faster scanning and more complex procedures.

CT Scanning (Computer Axial Tomography)

The Radiology Department is equipped with a 16-slice Toshiba Aquillion scanner capable of very short exam times, while providing superb quality diagnostic images. This is excellent for routine CT exams as well as vascular studies. CT is used to image all parts of the body and is extremely useful for trauma cases. CT scanning is available around the clock for patients with emergency needs.

Nuclear Medicine and PET/CT

Exams are performed after administration of an isotope while the camera tracks normal and abnormal isotope activity throughout the body or organ in question. With this capability, Weeks is capable of providing cardiac and oncology patients timely care and treatment. Weeks provides the only PET/CT scanner in Coos County.


Ultrasound is a diagnostic procedure that uses sound waves to produce an image. Weeks utilizes an GE Logiq-7 which is capable of performing all types of general, OB-GYN, carotid and venous ultrasound.


The new Fuji Aspire HD Mammography System is now at Week Medical Center, proud to be the first installation in the United States. This FDA-approved system will deliver more defined, crisp images in almost half the thirty minute standard time.

Bone Mineral Densitometry (BMD)

Bone Density measures the mineral content and density of the bones in two critical areas, the lumbar spine and hip. This exam, which uses a minimal amount of radiation, helps identify those at risk for osteoporosis or in the early stages of the disease (osteopenia). Weeks utilizes a Hologic Unit for bone density exams.

Digitally Transmitted Images

Scanned images taken at Weeks can be immediately sent over the Internet to any digital-capable Medical Center which assures a fast and quality interpretation. The Radiology Department also utilizes Teleradiology Services for around-the-clock Radiologist coverage.

Comfort and Peace of Mind

There is enough stress and worry during the exam, most women agree that the imaging process is far from comfortable. Padding for the chest wall and armrests  allow for more security and comfort for the patient – and in the long run, a much better experience. The technician can even stay in the room!

“The use of digital mammography equipment alone is responsible for an increased number of breast cancers detected at a community-based facility, according to a study performed at San Luis Diagnostic Center.” Science Daily, 8-3-2009