Eli Avery
Eli Avery, APRN
Lancaster Clinic 173 Middle Street Lancaster NH 03584 Phone: 603-788-2521
Groveton Clinic 47 Church Street Groveton NH 03582 Phone: 603-636-1101

Lancaster Clinic

173 Middle Street, Lancaster, NH, USA


Groveton Clinic

47 Church Street, Northumberland, NH, USA


Eli Avery, APRN

I am a results-focused family nurse practitioner with experience in rural and urban comprehensive primary care for a multigenerational patient population. I am a success-driven and detail-focused provider with a solid working knowledge in evidence-based medicine and high-value patient-centered care. I am skilled in treating addiction, infectious diseases, and implementing pharmacological and non-pharmacological interventions. I have worked with patients of all ages from pediatric to geriatric and utilize evidence-based practices to promote timely and accurate diagnoses. I remain dedicated to targeted health education, patient advocacy, and preventative care.


University of New Hampshire


Primary Care / Family Medicine