Medicare Wellness Visits

Annual Medicare Wellness Visits Now Available

Wellness Visits Provide Health Assessments to Provide Continued Good Health

Weeks Medical Center is encouraging all of its patients with Medicare coverage to schedule an appointment for a Medicare Wellness Visit (MWV). The MWV is designed to promote overall wellness, provide a personalized prevention plan to reduce illnesses, and a health risk assessment for all patients. The MWV is covered at 100 percent with no co-pay by Medicare Part B.

This visit is unique in that it is not about focusing on illness but instead is about building a plan to stay healthy. During this visit you will have a one on one visit with a certified medical assistant (CMA) who is part of your healthcare team. The CMA will review your medical history with you and will ascertain your risk for certain diseases. A variety of health screenings will be completed as well as vital signs. The current state of your health and a plan for staying well will be discussed, including developing a screening schedule for appropriate preventative care services based on your individual health needs. You may be referred for additional screenings or services outside of the appointment if pertinent to your health plan. At the conclusion of your Medicare Wellness Visit you will receive a copy of your plan. Your primary care provider will review your plan with you at your next visit.

“The Medicare Wellness Visit is an offensive approach to healthcare. The goal is promoting wellness versus treating illness, “says Elizabeth Lounsbury, practice manager at Weeks Medical Center. “We’re seeing good results with our patients because of the MWV. We’re able to better understand each person’s needs to keep them healthy, keep them safe in their homes where they prefer to reside. We’re better able to wrap services around people as needed and develop appropriate care plans for each individual. The MWV really is all about you and what you need at this time in your life. It’s about keeping you healthy.”

The Medicare Wellness Visits are available at all four Week Physicians Office locations in Lancaster, Whitefield, Groveton, and North Stratford. To schedule your Medicare Wellness Visit, call the appointment desk at Weeks Medical Center at 603-788-5074.