Tobacco Prevention & Control

tobaccoTobacco Prevention & Control Programs

Weeks Medical Center works with the New Hampshire Tobacco Prevention and Control Program to achieve its goals:

  1. Prevent youth from starting the use of tobacco
  2. Promote quitting among tobacco users
  3. Eliminating exposure to secondhand smoke
  4. Prioritizing efforts to reach those populations most affected by tobacco use

Weeks offers programs and resources to the community:

Freshstart: A 7-week smoking cessation program to help smokers “kick the habit.”

This program provides:

  • a support network
  • information on the effects of tobacco
  • an understanding of ‘why’ people smoke
  • strategies for quitting
  • alternatives for healthy lifestyle choices (weight management, stress reduction, exercise)


Second Hand Smoke Advisory Meetings: Tobacco Action Committee

  • Meetings- Quarterly on Thursday mornings from 8-9 am at the hospital
  • Purpose-To educate the community on the dangers of second hand smoke, identify work places to promote smoke free environments, distribute tobacco related information to the local media and display and promote the “Take It Outside” campaign materials at public events.


Samantha Skunk Program

Peer student youths dress as “Samantha Skunk” to present to elementary students an anti-smoking message that is fun and easy to remember.
For more information contact Margo Cliche at 788.5094 or


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