Well-Child Visit

Your Child Should Have a Well-Child Visit Once a Year 

What is an adolescent well-child visit?  

A well-child visit is a yearly checkup with a healthcare provider for young people ages 11 to 21. The goal is to keep your child healthy. A well-child visit also allows young people to have their important health questions answered.

What happens at a well-child visit?

Your healthcare provider (such as a doctor, physician’s assistant,  or nurse practitioner)

  • Conducts a physical exam, height/weight and blood pressure check
  • Checks for behavioral and mental health concerns
  • Gives advice and support on staying healthy (such as healthy eating, physical activity, healthy relationships, stress management)
  • Gives immunizations as needed

Why is the well-child visit important—even when my adolescent is feeling well? 

A well-child visit helps maintain good health.  A well-child visit is an important opportunity to discuss healthy development and other important information with adolescents and parents or caregivers.

A well-child visit helps adolescents develop skills. Spending time alone with healthcare provider lets young people learn to:

  • Take charge of their health
  • Building trusting relationships with their providers
  • Discuss health topics important to them

A well-child visit also helps families communicate better and lets families help adolescents understand their health history—and learn how to schedule appointments.

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