New Addiction Recovery Center Now Open

Caring for the Whole Community

The Weeks North Country Recovery Center Now Open in Littleton

Weeks Medical Center has opened a new branch of the Weeks North Country Recovery Center for the treatment of individuals with an addiction to opioids, alcohol, and other drugs.

The center, located in Littleton, consists of two medical providers and two behavioral mental health therapists who provide both medication treatment and therapy to individuals seeking to overcome addiction. Medication treatment, combined with behavioral therapy, helps reduce cravings for opioids and helps prevent relapse on opioids. Treatment is available for both adults and teenagers. Group counseling for recovery skills is also available to all participants. All these offerings will shortly expand to include anger management and mindfulness meditation groups. The Weeks North Country Recovery Center also offers the service of AcuDetox, an ear acupuncture treatment to give relief during withdrawal, manage anxiety, and promote stress relief.

The center also offers a connection to a social worker who can help connect patients with local and statewide resources and to assist with finding appropriate levels of care.  The center also works closely with the North Country Health Consortium and the Serenity Center.

Weeks opened the North Country Recovery Center as a response to the opioid epidemic in the North Country in 2017.  In addition to the new Littleton location, patients may access services at the Weeks Lancaster Clinic and Whitefield Clinic. Numerous people have participated successfully in the program over the last three years, abstaining from opioids, getting and keeping jobs, reducing their contact with the legal system, and parenting their children.

“Opioid Use Disorder is a relapsing disease, and we find many ways to measure success in recovery,” said Jennifer Hagan, LCMHC, MLADC, a licensed mental health and alcohol and drug use counselor. “Sometimes success is not worrying where your next meal is coming from because you are not able to maintain a job and other times it is rebuilding family. We focus on what a person feels would be success for them, rather than on what others feel success should be.”

Weeks Medical Center also has been managing the Doorway at Androscoggin Valley Hospital since January 2019 for the treatment of addiction, expanding services in the Berlin, NH, area and reducing barriers to treatment. At this time, the Weeks North Country Recovery Center and the Doorway at AVH are currently treating more than 250 patients. Approximately 500 patients have received treatment over the last three years.

“This is the next chapter in extending our successful substance use treatment program to help more people,” Christine Fortin, specialty practice manager at Weeks Medical Center said. “It takes a community to heal substance use and we are actively working with other area agencies to provide services that complement what is already available from the incredible agencies already trying to meet this need. Together we can care for our community.”

While the North Country Recovery Center is dedicated to treating patients with opioid use disorder, patients are also being treated for addictions to alcohol, stimulants, and other substances.

“While opioids are the drug of concern in the state right now, addiction is not a disease that is limited to specific substances,” Fortin said. “Today people are being most impacted by opioids, tomorrow it will be something new.  We are committed to keeping on top of trends and responding to the needs of our communities,” Fortin said.

The North Country Recovery Center in Littleton is located at Mt. Eustis Commons (the old Littleton Hospital) at 260 Cottage Street in Littleton. Appointments are preferred, but “now is the time” walk-ins are welcome. Please call 603-444-2277 for an appointment or for more information. The center is open from 8am to 5pm Monday through Friday. Staff are ready to assist you with obtaining insurance and navigating treatment options. Weeks accepts New Hampshire and Vermont insurance plans.

For more information, please contact North Country Recovery Center at 603-444-2277.