Weeks Medical Center Auxiliary – Standing side by side in service


The Auxiliary exists to support Weeks Medical Center through education and service, including fundraising activities.

The Weeks Auxiliary strives to meet its education and service objectives by:

  • Offering Healthcare Scholarships to graduating high school seniors enrolled in a healthcare degree program
  • Educating the community about healthcare issues (risks and prevention) through seminar programs
  • Donating to Project Homebound
  • Sponsoring Santa’s Visit to Weeks Medical Center
  • Sponsoring the annual Giving Tree event

The Weeks Auxiliary strives to meet its fundraising objectives by:

  • Sponsoring an annual golf tournament
  • Hosting book fairs and uniform fairs
  • Organizing raffles
  • Operating the Sunshine Gift Shop
  • Sponsoring annual dinner
  • Organizing holiday kick-off

7 Reasons to Join the Weeks Auxiliary

  • Your tax-deductible dues and/or contributions will directly benefits someone you know
  • Your efforts will be part of a worthwhile cause
  • Your time is greatly appreciated
  • Use your special skills or learn new ones
  • Meet new people
  • Have fun
  • Make a difference

When you join the Weeks Medical Center Auxiliary, the smallest effort on your part can make a difference in someone’s life.

We guarantee it.

To become a member, please call (603) 788-5023 or email us at [email protected].