Comprehensive care management approach to their cancer diagnosis.

Oncology Services

Local and personal cancer treatment

A diagnosis of cancer is a life-changing event. Patients and their families are faced with many demands throughout the cancer treatment journey. For cancer patients living in Coos County, Weeks Medical Center offers Oncology and Hematology treatments in a comfortable, homelike atmosphere. The medical professionals at WMC understand the importance of having local access to physical, psychological, and emotional care for cancer patients and their families. WMC enjoys a strong partnership with Dartmouth-Hitchcock’s Norris Cotton Cancer Center, one of the leading cancer treatment centers in the country. Two Oncologists/Hematologists from Dartmouth-Hitchcock offer 12 regular clinics a month at WMC for the diagnosis, treatment and prognosis of cancer as well as disorders of the blood.

The Oncology Department, which is open five days a week, is staffed by highly-trained oncology certified nurses who offer patients a comprehensive care management approach. The nurses at WMC have been specially trained at Dartmouth-Hitchcock to administer chemotherapy, biotherapy and hormone therapy. One of the technical strengths of WMC’ cancer program is the availability of on-site PET/CT scanning. The mobile scanner provides images that pinpoint the location of abnormal metabolic activity within the body by looking at tissue at the cellular level. The scanned images are reviewed by the Radiology Department at Dartmouth-Hitchcock Medical Center in Lebanon, which ensures a quality interpretation.

When a patient is facing the challenges associated with cancer, Weeks Medical Center is pleased to be able to offer the community:

  • Better early detection of cancer
  • Aggressive treatment options to fight cancer

Our nurses have been specialty trained at Dartmouth-Hitchcock to administer chemotherapy, biotherapy, and hormone therapy.

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