Family Support Team

Weeks Family Support Team

Care and assistance for a patient’s loved ones in time of sudden loss, injury, or illness

Caring when it’s most needed

Weeks’ Family Support Team is a dedicated group of highly trained volunteers who give an incredible amount of time and compassion to offer a “quiet presence” for families and loved ones in a time of medical crisis. We help family members cope with the immediate and long-term impacts of sudden loss or the critical injury of a loved one. We’re committed to meet the needs of patients and their families on a 24-hour basis, providing:

  • Emotional support and crisis intervention
  • Orientation to the hospital and its services
  • An immediate connection with hospital staff
  • Assistance with making family and community contacts during a crisis
  • Referrals during and after the critical period
  • Continuing support after a crisis

Practical help during a crisis

The Family Support Team facilitates communication between families and the medical team caring for a loved one. This assistance allows the medical team to keep its focus solely on the patient. The Family Support Team performs simple tasks to keep the family comfortable while waiting in the hospital. The team’s presence and care help families endure what at first seems unendurable. The team also provides a support system for the hospital staff to manage stress related to crisis situations and sudden loss.

Continuing support after a crisis

Ongoing support can minimize the potentially devastating effects of a traumatic loss. Our aftercare team provides as much as two years of follow-up services:

  • Sensitive and caring listening
  • Crisis intervention
  • Referrals to community support or professional counselors
  • Literature on grief and bereavement

With caring assistance, healing and growth can begin. The Family Support Team is the essence of community care at Weeks.

The Family Support Team includes both hospital staff and trained volunteers, including clergy, nurses, physicians, counselors, and local volunteers.

To contact the Weeks Family Support Team, call 603-788-4911.