Mission Statement

Weeks Medical Center is committed to the community.

Weeks Medical Center’s compassionate staff is committed to providing high quality and efficient health care services to ensure the well-being of our patients, families, and communities.

In partnership with our communities, Weeks promotes health by;

  • Acknowledging that health is physical, spiritual and emotional
  • Emphasizing personal prevention, education and health information
  • Working closely with human services providers and local governments
  • Being closely involved with schools, businesses and churches
  • Actively participating in community organizations and activities
  • Learning about local health care needs through listening to all of our communities

Weeks strives to meet those health care needs by;

  • Matching our services to the needs of the individuals in our communities
  • Insuring timely access to health care
  • Providing as many services as possible locally
  • Delivering those services throughout our communities—in schools, businesses, homes, clinics—as well as in our modern, well-equipped Lancaster facility
  • Providing smoothly coordinated access to services which cannot be provided locally
  • Managing health care costs so that local access to health care is protected
  • Attracting and retaining highly trained, enthusiastic staff members
  • Satisfying the individuals we serve