Building Campaign

$1,883,909.35 of $4,000,000 Raised

Lancaster Patient Care Center Building Campaign

Weeks Medical Center is undertaking a $4 million Building Campaign to build a new Lancaster Patient Care Center of approximately 42,000 square feet. The new center will be connected and integrated with the existing hospital. It will contain expanded and accessible space to improve privacy and primary care services. It also will  offer enhanced space for outpatient specialty services. In addition, the new center will allow us to attract and retain the top healthcare providers that our communities need. The new center also will have built-in expansion space for critical future needs.

The Weeks Medical Center Building Campaign for the new Lancaster Patient Care Center will require the commitment of all of our communities. Whether you are a full-time resident, second home/camp owner, business owner, or visitor, we know that you rely on Weeks for your healthcare. We hope that you will offer your generous support for this long-overdue upgrade. Your support is crucial to our mission to provide high-quality healthcare close to home and for generations to come.

Features and Benefits

Better Connected

The new Lancaster Patient Care Center will be connected to and integrated into the existing hospital facility.

Improved Onsite Spaces

The new addition will provide a significantly improved space for primary care and outpatient specialty services.

Accessible Space

Appropriately sized and private consultation space will be provided for patients to meet with our medical professionals.

Connected Space

Patients, providers, and other caregivers will be able to go between the new medical offices and the hospital with ease and safety.

Built-In Expansion

Additional room for expansion is included in the plan to accommodate other critical needs as they arise.

Attract Top Healthcare Providers

The new center will help attract and retain quality medical care providers to better serve our patients.

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Design and Floor Plans

Architectural renderings and plans courtesy of Stone River Architects

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