WMC Visitor Policy

Effective on March 15st WMC will be changing their visitor policy. Incident Command may need to revise this, or any policy quickly if changes in transmission affect staff safety or patient care.

This Policy is for Non- COVID cases, visitors must still pass current screening questions.

  • Primary care/clinic
    • Adults- 1 visitor, the visitor may accompany the patient to the exam room. Visitors will still be encouraged to wait outside when possible.
    • Pediatric- 2 parents or guardians may accompany a minor (18 and under). They must follow patient to the exam room.
  • Oncology
    • 1 visitor for appointment with provider.
    • No visitors allowed during treatment.
  • Same Day Surgery
    • 1 visitor can accompany a patient during registration and then go to patient’s room for pre op. Once patient has gone for procedure visitor must return to the car or wait outside the premises.  When staff is ready for the visitor to return, staff will call visitor and let them know they are able to come to patient’s room.  Staff should call 5200 and let the screener know to expect the visitor.
  • Med/Surge/ICU
    • Visiting hours are from 11:30-7pm, it will be two visitors per day. On the time of admission, the patient will give a name of a person that can visit and an alternate visitor.
    • Hospice patients or End of Life(EOL)- Can have two visitors at a time unless previous arrangements are made with the care team and House Coordinator.
    • Screener will call Med/Surge (5300) prior to visitor heading to unit.
  • Emergency Department
    • All visitors once in the Emergency Department must stay in the patient’s room, cannot “switch out.”
    • If patient has COVID symptoms or says they have COVID, then the visitor will be asked to wait in their car our outside the premises, this only applies for adult patients. If COVID can be ruled out after testing, visitor will be called and let into the department, and call the screener (5200) to let them know visitor is coming in.
    • Adult- 1 Visitor
    • Pediatric (18 and under) 2 parents/guardians
    • There may be times when our waiting area or department becomes too crowded to remain safe. When this occurs visitors may be asked to wait in their car until the patient gets to their room, or the ED is less crowded.
      • This will be determined by; ED Manager, Nursing Staff or MD. It should only be used when the ED has patients in every room and waiting room or a surge of infectious patients.  The ED will contact switchboard and screener (5200) to let them know there are no visitors at this time and will remove the restriction when they are able to.
        • Pediatric pts will still be allowed to have 1 adult or guardian with them.


  • End of Life or Critical patients- will be case by case decided by ED manager or available nursing staff and MD