Blue Ribbon Awards Presented for Outstanding Patient Satisfaction

2019 Blue Ribbon Awards Presented for Outstanding Patient Satisfaction


Weeks along with other North Country Healthcare hospitals solicit patient feedback on their experiences in the following areas: inpatient stay, office visits (medical practice), emergency visits, ambulatory surgery, and outpatient services. When hospital staff members are recognized on a patient survey they receive a $5 gift card. In 2018, Weeks awarded more than 100 gift cards. In 2019, more than 300 gift cards were issued! Once a year, the top feedback recipients in each of the five service areas receives a Blue Ribbon Award for outstanding care and a $50 gift certificate to a local eatery.

Weeks is proud to congratulate its 2019 Blue Ribbon Award recipients. Thank you for making a difference in the lives of our patients. Congratulations

Nicki Schmarr of Ambulatory Surgery

Nikki was recognized with the following patient comments:

  • She made me feel very comfortable before and after my procedure.
  • Very professional and made me feel like family.
  • Explained everything and made sure I was comfortable.
  • Very professional, courteous, and treated me with respect.
  • I felt comfortable in her care and was not worried for my procedure.
  • I loved Nicki in same day surgery. She gets patient care.
  • Excellent! Nurse Nicki was exceptional.
  • My experience was so good and we had so much fun. If I had a week or two with nothing to do, I would come back for another surgery.


Dr. Mederic Leblanc of Emergency Services

Dr. Leblanc was recognized with the following patient comments:

  • Dr. Leblanc was very thorough, concerned, and extremely kind.
  • Dr. Leblanc took time with me and very knowledgeable and caring.
  • Dr. Leblanc was great. Mixed humor with professionalism.


Rayleen Roy of Laboratory Services

Rayleen was recognized with the following patient comments:
  • I had an excellent experience. I am a difficult blood draw and Rayleen got me on the first try with no discomfort. I hope I have her every time.
  • The lady (Rayleen) who drew my blood was just as pleasant.
  • Rayleen the phlebotomist is great. What an asset to the hospital. She is kind, and it has always been the first draw for me, thank you.


Dr. Paul Kamins of Orthopedic Services

Dr. Kamins was recognized with the following patient comments:
  • Personally, I feel that Dr. Kamins is one of the best physicians at Weeks. We in the North Country are lucky to have an excellent orthopedic surgeon right in our own backyard. Do not lose him.
  • Dr. Kamins is an excellent doctor. He has helped me overcome pain many, many times.
  • Dr. Kamins is always kind and gentle. A real gem.
  • I love Dr. Kamins. Plus he made a house call.


Dr. Anna Ruelle of Podiatry and Wound Healing Center

  • Everyone who works with Dr. Ruelle mirror her caring and personality. She sets the mood and atmosphere. It seems to always put the “other” first. She seems to draw caring people to herself as far as all the staff goes. They are all top-notch.
  • I drive two hours each way to see Dr. Ruelle. That says it all, doesn’t it? She is the best.
  • All confidence in Dr. Ruelle. She is excellent, very knowledgeable, and personable. She puts you at ease.
  • My wife and I have never, in our 60+ years each, had a doctor as friendly and caring as Dr. Anna Ruelle. Too bad she can’t freely train all doctor, present and future, how to treat others.
  • Dr. Anna Ruelle is a caring, kind, smart doctor.
  • Dr. Ruelle made me feel like I was in great hands, appeared to know what the problem was, and how to fix it. She was also very gentle and as concerned about my foot as I was (which was great since other doctors were not clear on what my issue is—so I’m confident she will know how to solve this issue. Thank you.


Tammy Lazott of Primary Care Services

Tammy was recognized with the following patient comments:
  • Tammy Lazott and the entire team did an excellent and thorough job during and after my appointment. Thank you.
  • Tammy is an awesome provider. She take the time she needs to review all tests and their results and to make sure I know what has happened as for a diagnosis. She is very meticulous and creates confidence in her abilities.
  • Tammy is extremely helpful with advice on how to control a bad cough during a procedure. The info worked beautifully.
  • I was very impressed with Tammy’s professionalism, caring, and medical knowledge. This was a serious situation for me and I feel she went above and beyond with my care.
  • I believe the treatment I received from Tammy Lazott kept me out of the hospital environment.
  • Tammy always makes us feel like we’re family. Best provider ever!