Letter to the Community from North Country Healthcare CEO Tom Mee

Letter to the Community from North Country Healthcare CEO Tom Mee


March 25, 2020

Dear NCH Community:

The past few weeks have brought rapid change on both global and local levels. Developments regarding COVID-19 have been frequent and admittedly, oftentimes, unsettling. However, as they have so many times before, our healthcare providers, nurses, and staff are rising to the occasion and working diligently to ensure our collective well-being.

The level of coordination within and across North Country Healthcare (NCH) partners is something of which I couldn’t be more proud. Working collectively, with the ongoing goal of providing high-quality, accessible healthcare, our team is navigating an environment previously unseen, and doing it with adaptability, innovative thinking, and as always, integrity.

There is no doubt that the coming days will bring even more change. However, our previous emergency preparedness training, monitoring and implementation of best practices at the national, regional, and local levels, and expedition of innovative ways to serve our patients (increased use of telemedicine, increased triage) will continue to serve as bright beacons in the near future.

Thank you to our providers, nurses, and staff of Androscoggin Valley Hospital, North Country Home Health &Hospice Agency, Upper Connecticut Valley Hospital, and Weeks Medical Center, for your dedication to NorthCountry Healthcare, but more importantly, your dedication to our community. Thank you also to all of the members of our community who put your trust in our compassionate team as we move forward together.


Tom Mee, RN, BSN, MBA

Chief Executive Officer

North Country Healthcare

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