New IBT Program Now Available

New Intensive Behavior Therapy (IBT) Program Available for Obesity

Weeks Medical Center now offers a treatment program for obesity for Medicare patients. The Intensive Behavior Therapy (IBT) program targets poor habits that lead to obesity and teaches you to change your eating and exercise habits. The goal is to help you lose weight. Through IBT, you work closely with a registered dietitian one on one. You will learn to track your eating, change your environment to avoid overeating, increase your activity level, create an exercise plan, and set realistic goals.

To participate in the IBT program, you need to be referred by your health care provider. IBT is covered 100 percent by Medicare. Generally you will meet with a dietitian once a week for the first month, every other week during months two to six, and then once a month after that. The ideal length of IBT is one year. Appointments are held at our Lancaster Physicians Office.

Please contact your primary care provider to discuss weight loss today at 603-788-5095.