Women’s Health Weeks May 10-21

National Women’s Health Weeks is May 1women's health week0-21

Two weeks to encourage and empower women to take time to prioritize their health.

Take the time to consider:

Breast Care: Screening for and reducing breast cancer risk.

Nurses Health: Give a gift to yourself for comprehensive check-up promoting wellness from within.

Preparing for Pregnancy: What to do before you are expecting?

Do I Need a Pap Test? What about the HPV vaccine to prevent cancer?

Does Cancer Run in Your Family? Getting to know your personal risk factors for cancer and how to screen for and reduce cancers common in women.

Just Starting Menopause? How to cope, what to expect, and how to build a healthy you in midlife.

PCOS (pdycystic ovary syndrome): Everything you want to know about your ovaries and more.

Taking Care of Your Skin: Getting to know your moles and skin cancer awareness.

Heart Health for Women: Know your numbers and what they mean to you.

Do I Need STD Screening? Yes! No one is at zero risk.

For questions about women’s health and wellness, or to schedule an appointment to discuss any of these important women’s health issues, please schedule an appointment with Women’s Health Provider Julie Hohmeister, APRN, by calling 603-788-5095.

Appointments available in Littleton and Whitefield.

Visit our ASK THE DOCTOR pages to find more information on women’s health.


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