Child Development

Support and treatment for children with developmental difficulties.

child-developmentThe North Country Child Development Clinic, located at Weeks Medical Center, is one of several service sites offering a collaborative special medical services program. The clinic provides expert evaluation and diagnostic services to children suspected of having a broad range of developmental difficulties, including:

  • Autism and related disorders
  • Learning disabilities and ADHD
  • Emotional and behavioral problems
  • Intellectual disabilities
  • Neuromotor problems
  • Full range of metabolic and genetic conditions.

Referrals are made most often by health care providers, but also come from parents, schools, therapists, or childcare programs. The clinic typically evaluates children between the ages of three and 18. Children under the age of three are currently also being seen in Lancaster in cooperation with Dartmouth-Hitchcock’s pediatric team.

For more information, please call 603-788-5304.

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