Wellness & Weight @ Weeks

Wellness & Weight @ Weeks  

Taking care of yourself—and your weight—is tough. Weeks offers many ways to make wellness and weight easy.

IBT Program: The Intensive Behavior Therapy (IBT) program offers personalized care for proper eating and exercise habits for Medicare patients with weight issues. The goal is to help you lose weight. Through IBT you work closely with a registered dietitian. Call your primary care provider at 603-788-5095 for a referral to the IBT Program.

Diabetes Support Group: Come have a cup of coffee or tea and a diabetic-friendly dessert with us each month. Each meeting includes speakers such as healthcare providers, holistic approach practitioners, and fellow community members who discuss diabetic care and support. We also have a special focus on nutrition and how to take control of your health. Kelsey McCullough, Weeks’ registered dietitian nutritionist, keeps the conversation light, lively, and fun. Meetings are the third Tuesday of each month (except July and August). Call Kelsey at 603-788-5055 x 4147 or email at Kelsey.mccullough@weeksmedical.org for more information. Free monthly newsletter.

Adult Wellness Visits: Wellness visits provide health assessments to provide continued good health. A wellness visit with a medical provider offers you a personalized plan to reduce illness, discuss dietary concerns, meal planning, and consult with dietitians based on insurance. A wellness visit is unique in that it is not about focusing on illness but instead is about building a plan to stay healthy. During this visit you will have a one on one visit with a certified medical assistant (CMA) who is part of your healthcare team. The CMA will review your medical history with you and will ascertain your risk for certain diseases. A variety of health screenings will be completed as well as vital signs. The current state of your health and a plan for staying well will be discussed, including developing a screening schedule for appropriate preventative care services based on your individual health needs. Call 603-788-5095 for an appointment.


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