Board of Trustees & Leadership Teams

Board of Trustees

Board of Trustees

  • Sarah Desrochers, Chair
  • Keith Young, Vice Chair
  • Dennis Couture, Treasurer
  • Ruby Berryman, Secretary
  • Don Crane, Member at Large

Board Members

  • Zeanny Egea Alvarado
  • Denise Brisson
  • Scott Burns
  • Charlie Cotton
  • William Everleth
  • Stanley Holz
  • Sharon Kopp
  • Fran LaDuke
  • Don Crane, Member at Large

Honorary Trustees

  • Rebecca Weeks Sherrill More, Ph.D.
  • Patrick Kelly

Weeks Medical Center Representatives

  • Michael Lee, President
  • Celeste Pitts, Chief Financial Officer
  • Mark Morgan, MD, Chief Medical Officer
  • W. Kemp Schanlaber, DPM, Medical Staff President
  • Jennifer Bach-Guss, Chief Nursing Officer
  • Thomas Mee, RN, BSN, MBA, Chief Executive Officer, North Country Healthcare

Medical Staff Leadership


  • W. Kemp Schanlaber, DPM, President
  • Amber Schmidt, DO, Vice President
  • Mark Morgan, MD, Chief Medical Officer

Department Chairs

  • Christopher Laurent, APRN, Medicine Department Chair
  • Maude Oetking, MD, Surgery Department Chair
  • Glenn Adams, DO, Outpatient Medicine Chair

Medical Directors

  • Glenn Adams, DO, Home Health & Hospice and Office Practices
  • Marc Gautier, MD, Oncology
  • Paul Kamins, MD, Rehabilitation
  • Christopher Laurent, APRN, Med/Surg and ICU
  • Tammy Lazott, APRN, Employee & Occupational Health Program
  • Elizabeth Moore, MD, Emergency Services
  • Mark Morgan, MD, Anesthesia & Respiratory
  • Wendy Muello, MD, Primary Care
  • Maude Oetking, MD, Surgery
  • Akshat Paliwal, MD, Radiology & Imaging
  • Jennifer Parent, PMHNP, Behavioral Health
  • Jerry Rittenhouse, MD, Urology
  • Evelyn Robbennolt-Jones, LISCW, Behavioral Health
  • Anna Ruelle, DPM, Wound Healing
  • Amber Schmidt, DO, Employee & Occupational Health Program
  • Jayne Tarkelson, DO, Pediatrics

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