Patient & Visitor Information

Patient & Visitor Information

As a patient in our hospitals, you are our primary concern. You are our guest, and we are here to care for you and to serve your healthcare needs. We will do all we can to make your stay as pleasant and comfortable as possible. If, at any time, you feel that we could improve our service to you, please do not hesitate to ask any staff member for assistance.

Welcome Packet

Weeks Medical Center Welcome Packet

Weeks has prepared a Welcome Packet guide to answer questions about our services and the care you will receive at our hospitals and physicians offices. The guide includes information about our primary and speciality care services as well as general information about the hospital. A print version of this guide will be presented to you at your first appointment or upon request. To view an online version, please click Welcome Packet.

Visitors are Welcome

Each of our nursing units has a waiting room for visitors. In order to provide the best possible care, we ask that your family, friends, or other visitors be as quiet as possible and supervise children at all times. For medical and surgical units, hours are flexible; we request, however, that visitors leave by 8:30 p.m. For the Intensive Care Unit, visiting hours depend on the patient’s condition.


Visitors and patients are asked to park in the main lots behind the hospital building. These are close to the main entrance. We ask that you not park in the Middle Street parking lot (no access to this parking lot entrance). Please lock your car and do not leave children or pets unattended.

ChapelWeeks Medical Center Chapel Window

Being in the hospital can be a difficult experience for both patients and their families. It’s normal for people to have concerns about what is happening to them and to have feelings of loneliness, doubt, sadness, or even anger.
You may visit the Busi Memorial Chapel at any time for prayer, meditation, reflection, or just to be at peace. The seasonal splendor of life and nature is shown in the chapel’s stained glass window. Please feel free to take and read any literature placed there. Busi Chapel is located on the second floor, in the Administrative Area, near the elevators.

Phones – TV – Mail – Laptops/Email

Telephones are in every patient room. Please ask the nurse if you need directions. No charge for local calls; please charge long distant calls to a credit call or place a collect call. Cell phones are restricted to limited use in private areas. A public telephone for use by visitors is located near the lobby on the first floor, next to the elevators.
Televisions are in every room at no added charge. You may view the major network channels. If you have a roommate who is trying to rest, please keep the volumn low.
Mail is delivered daily, except on weekends. If you want to send a letter, your nurse will assist you. If mail arrives after you have been discharged, it will be forwarded to your home address unless you have made other arrangements.
Laptops and Email. A wi-fi connection is available in the hospital. Please contact either the nurses station of front desk in the lobby for the access password.

Safety and Security

In-Room Assistance. Your nurse will show you how to operate your bed, over-bed table, television, and call button. When you need help, push the call button and your nurse will response as soon as possible. All patient bathrooms and showers have an emergency pull cord. A light will flash at the nursing station to alert your nurse of your need for help.
Smoke-Free Policy. Weeks Medical Center and its physicians offices in Whitefield, Groveton, North Statford, and Lancaster are “tobacco free,” meaning that no tobacco use of any kind may be used on hospital property including a 25-foot property line buffer. Weeks offers smoking cessation classes several times during the year. Please contact Margo Cliche at 603-788-5023 for more information.
Emergency Vehicle Assistance. Our Maintenance Department will provide limited motor vehicle assistance (e.g. jump starts, car unlocks, flat tires). Please call extension 5012. There is no charge for this service.
Securing Your Valuables. Your nurse will help you put away personal items. To prevent possible loss or damage, we urge you to send home any items you will not need. The hospital has a safe for money or small items.
Security. For security concerns during regular hours (7 am–3:30 pm), call extension 5012. At other items, dial “0” for the operator or notify your nurse.
Weapons. No weapons are allowed in Weeks Medical Center facilities. Weapons include, but not limited to, firearms, knives, and mace.
Lost and Found. We have a lost and found office at extension 5026.